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What if we told you there's a new movement in hair care? One that challenges conventional wisdom and the vicious cycle of shampoo, condition, repeat.

Welcome unwash™… a new method to clean hair in a more civilized way, gently removing dirt and surface build up while locking in essential moisture and upholding your hair’s natural integrity.

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  • “There was just enough slipperiness to make detangling/combing a breeze. Fastest I’ve ever combed through my hair! My hair felt more moisturized, yet clean and I liked the creamy consistency. There was just the right amount of lather. It’s the most satisfying co-wash I’ve ever used.”

  • "My hair felt clean, it has great slip and my hair felt moisturized the whole day as well as the next day."

  • “It worked better for my hair. True Results.”

  • The end result is the most gorgeous hair color I have ever seen.

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    • Guy Tang
    • Salon Republic
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Unwash is committed to supporting your salon and stylist. Just select your salon at checkout and a portion of your sale will be passed on to your local business.

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